Scope of business

Classic Case of Coal Powder Separation System--Puyang Longyu 150,000 Tons Coal-to-Methanol

The scale of the project is 150,000 tons of coal-to-methanol. It is the first coal separation equipment maintenance project in the coal chemical industry, and it is also a benchmark case for establishing efficient and fast meeting customer demand.

Due to the air mixed into the circulating nitrogen system, the dust leakage of the equipment caused the pulverized filter system to explode. The owner requested to repair the equipment in the shortest time and resume production. At that time, the owner contacted a number of equipment manufacturers, and the rest were unable to complete the repair within 45 days. Our company dispatched engineering technology and sales at the first time, survey immediately and confirm that the equipment has been completely scrapped. Through the efficient coordination of various departments within the company, the reconstruction of the project was finally completed within 30 days, and the equipment was put into normal use. The equipment has been running well so far, and customers have also given high evaluation for the company's rapid response and product quality.