Erick DuPree

breathe. restore. transcend.

Erick DuPree is a published author, seeker and teacher in the Philadelphia area, best known for his writings Alone In Her Presence.  A weaver of wisdom and perceptive mirror, he seeks to discover the intricacies of life through a contemplative lens. Erick weaves heart centered practices with the breath, holistic healing and movement to help align the soul and give permission to dare. 

Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral: Men in Ritual, Service, and Community to the Goddess

Edited by Erick DuPree, with Preface by Yeshe Rabbit Matthews and Foreward by Ivo Domiguez, Jr.

There is a movement among pagan identified men to step out on their own creating dialogues about their masculinity as men of the Goddess.  Men reclaiming their right to a sacred form of masculine, and are wondering, “what type of man am I supposed to be?”  How do Pagan men reclaim the overarching word’s expectation of what masculinity should be, in alignment with a Goddess centered faith? This anthology will explore men and their relationship with the Goddess and the overarching Pagan community. We’re looking for essays and articles that detail personal experiences with the Goddess, How as men we come to know the Goddess, and ways you have worked through challenges and obstacles being a man within the Pagan movement.

This anthology is a combination of hands-on how-to, personally-inspired, and academic pieces that will offer readers the tools they can use in understanding the evolving role go masculinity in the Goddess movement. 

Editor: The anthology will be edited by Erick DuPree, an Immanion Anthology contributor, and author of the popular column Alone In Her Presence. 

Published by Immanion/Megalithica Press. 

Immanion Press is a small independent press based in the United Kingdom. Founded by author Storm Constantine, it expanded into occult nonfiction in 2004 with the publication of Taylor Ellwood’s Pop Culture Magick. Today, Immanion’s nonfiction line, under the Megalithica Books imprint, has a growing reputation for edgy, experimental texts on primarily intermediate and advanced pagan and occult topics. Find out more at Immanion Press today!