Earth As Goddess


Goddess has many names, but the most precious in my life is actually Goddess as Earth. In Her most immanent form, Goddess as Earth is a deity we can physically touch and feel Her magic.  

For centuries cultures have lifted up Earth as central in deity manifestation. We see Her being prayed to and being invoked, as being the “Mother of Life” and the mother of all living things in Her dominion. Various peoples, longing to return to Her, to Her embrace, bury their bodies within Her, tying their souls back with Earth. With such a focus on giving life and providing for us, no wonder that across many cultures, fertility deities and Goddesses share a deep affinity with the Earth. They are the divine nurturer, answering the prayers of their offspring.

Most familiar is the name Gaia. Gaia the Earth Goddess that breathes life into the plants, animals, and human beings. Each of us comprised of spirits of earth, air, fire and water. She is the place where every rock and tree and creature of the world is alive, and where life has potential. From depths of the ocean caresses, out sacred healing waters Gaia helps us to find ourselves sacred and reborn. 

Gaia is Earth's great consciousness that encompasses every particle. She knows even the smallest events. She governs every process of birth, life, and death. She wields the great manifestations of creation because She is Creation. Every Rock and Tree and Creature, even you and I, has a life, has a spirit, has a name; are each an aspect of Her expression of life.

As the world grows uneasy and we as people look to make change, and wonder, “What can we do?” I am called back into Earth. 

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    Earth Blessing 

From deep within the swirling water Her presence came to me,

I embraced Her in my arms to feel eternal warmth,
Her wisdom limitless in the silence of the water,
Her majestic flames encrypted my body,
I can feel the roots of eternity setting in,
Her entity as cold as the night,
Without her we would die,
The Goddess is our mother,
The Goddess is all around us,
The Earth is our mother.

The Earth says Heal.
The Earth says Heal me
The Earth says Heal each other.

So Shall It Be


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